Coronado Cryli Cote® 100% Acrylic Exterior Paint

SKU 10.1.1

Cryli Cote combines a durable finish with premium color retention for protection against whatever nature has in store. With its 100% acrylic formulation, this hard-working paint adheres powerfully, is self-priming on the majority of surfaces, and dries quickly. It also delivers dependable resistance to mildew and blistering.

  • Durable, anti-fade finish
  • Excellent color retention
  • Protects against cracking and peeling
  • Self-priming on the majority of surfaces
  • Excellent adhesion

Available Sheens: Flat (10 line), Satin (410 line), Semi-Gloss (2 line)

Available Bases: White, Tint Base, Deep Base, and Accent Base

Cleanup: Warm, soapy water

Resin Type: Acrylic

Recommended Use: Exterior

MPI Rating: 10 (10 line); N/A (410 and 2 lines)

VOC Level: <50 g/L (10, 410, 2, C410, and C2 lines); < 100 g/L (410, 2 lines)